Meltonic's Adventure

Organic sports nutrition committed

Meltonic is the most natural French brand in the sports world. We created the 1st energy gel with honey, tonic plants and essential oils, in 2014 in the family honey factory. 

Our commitment

Increased pollution, disappearance of wild flowers, climate change, are harming our bees.

In order to participate in their preservation and the balance of biodiversity, we donate 1% of our turnover to the association Terre d'Abeilles which fights for their preservation.

Our mission?

To help athletes of all levels to give the best of themselves while respecting their bodies and our environment. 

For this, we offer organic and natural products. They are produced locally, which limits packaging. Also, our refillable eco-gel vial is an eco-friendly alternative for the use of energy gels.

Nature and beekeeping are the essence of our energy products. Our raw materials are all derived from them:


Quality, efficiency and tolerance, combined with the pleasure of taste, meet the expectations of all sportsmen and women, whatever their level. 

We offer nutritional solutions adapted to the different phases of your sports disciplines: Before, During and After the effort.

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A shared passion for sports, honey and bees & respect for the environment!

The origin of Meltonic is the meeting of 2 sports and nature lovers:

Benoit, a Beekeeper Runner, passionate about bees and their treasures (3rd generation of a family of honey producers)

Vincent, a sportsman in Olympic Sailing, titled on the national and international level (Olympic Games London 2012), became a runner / traileur.

This is our story

In 2012, Benoit started running half-marathons, but was forced to quit several times for digestive reasons, after consuming glucose syrup gels.

He elaborates in the family honey factory his first energy gel made of honey, tonic plants and essential oil. He then achieves his goals in marathons and ultra-trails, without digestive worries.

In 2014, Meltonic launches the 1st energy gel with honey, organic tonic plants, with a moderate glycemic index (40% lower than glucose syrup) as well as a Total Antioxidant Power (TAP).

The 5 benefits of honey in sports


Optimum digestion during the effort

Thanks to the organic acacia honey and its natural richness in fructose, and the enzyme of the bees (invertase) which has the role to predigest this natural sugar.


Moderate glycemic index

Honey has an intermediate energy effect between slow and fast sugar, very beneficial during prolonged efforts, and avoids the glycemic rebound, and hypoglycemia reactive to the effort (44% less high than glucose)


Total antioxidant power

of Meltonic organic acacia honey (flavonoids), guaranteed by the European Institute of Antioxidants of Nancy.


Facilitates the assimilation of minerals

calcium and limits the retention of magnesium. Thanks to its numerous enzymes for a better transit.


Natural booster

The sugars from the nectar of flowers (fructose and glucose) help to strengthen our bacteria and rebalance the intestinal flora.

The organic royal jelly source of energy for sports

Naturally rich in vitamins B3, B5, trace elements and minerals, royal jelly secreted by bees is recognized as one of the most effective natural tonics and energizers. Its reputation in sports nutrition is well established.

Valuable natural active ingredients for greater effectiveness

We have designed with our partner laboratories, with expertise in active plant ingredients, unique formulas, combining extracts of tonic plants recognized in the field of sports (ginseng, guarana, spirulina, acerola, mate ...)

Products designed locally, by French partner companies

Made in France

The entire Meltonic range brings you safety and efficiency, while respecting your body.

The nature and the treasures of bees

Organic Honey & Royal Jelly are the essence of our products since our raw materials are all from them. 

Innovation-oriented "Made in France"

Meltonic, with the collaboration of recognized athletes, designs, manufactures and distributes natural products for athletes looking for authenticity.

We wish to contribute to the respect of the health of the athletes and to the protection of the planet.