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Atteignez vos objectifs grâce à un apport d'énergie sain et digester

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Soft Flask


L'indispensable du traileur

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Boissons antioxydantes Bio

Pas écoeurante et peu sucré

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Organic antioxidant drinks

Not cloying and not very sweet

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Soft Flask

The trail runner's essential

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Energy Gel

Our clients love them

Sports and organic nutrition

Meltonic is a pioneer in organic sports nutrition with honey since 2014.

Our energy products for sports are elaborated with natural ingredients in French workshops, favoring recyclable packaging to preserve the planet.

5 good reasons to use honey

Natural & organic

Natural sports energy products

Meltonic is the meeting of sport, nature and bees.

All our products are made with honey, royal jelly, propolis, plants and organic essential oils.

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Honey as a source of energy

Combined with natural plants, essential oils and healthy and tasty foods, honey is the ideal energy product for athletes.

ideal for athletes. Enriched with natural active ingredients, it delivers all its benefits without unpleasant side effects.

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Health & Sport

Health at the heart of sports nutrition

Concerned about the health of athletes, we have created the very first energy gel with organic honey. An easier digestion, an antioxidant power

a long-lasting energy effect and a richness in vitamins and minerals are among the advantages of our organic sports products.

Our range of organic sports nutrition products includes energy bars, energy drinks, energy cakes and

and food supplements for sportsmen. Our products are aimed at all athletes who want to boost their energy during

endurance efforts (running, cycling, triathlon, trail, hiking...). Combine efficiency, health and taste in a single sports energy product?

It is now possible thanks to Meltonic!